Digital Product Engineering

Digital Product Engineering

We deliver custom agile product development solutions across industry domains, leveraging web, mobile and cloud technologies.

Our Product Engineering capabilities

Our core team will redefine your success with powerful software products. They will use the latest technologies to provide you with customized solutions that address your business challenges. We understand that developing efficient IT products requires different perspectives and knowledge. Hence, we combine our expertise with experience to offer unique product development solutions.

Our core team assists in defining the performance, security, quality, and other aspects of the software before it is developed. Our team analysis the blueprint for language, framework, design, platform, compatibility, security, and more to ensure the best outcome. We affirm that with our rich experience and proven skills, we support you with the enriching choices.

Our UI/UX engineers are responsible for attractive and engaging visual designs on a website or app to ensure better user engagement. The responsive designs are achieved by using CSS, HTML and other tools. It includes structuring all the elements of the platform appropriately. UI, on the other hand, is the user interface development, a process for a flawless presentation and interactivity of the portal. We promote an intuitive and easy navigation system for the website or app, resulting in a higher number of users and engagement.

Applications engineering forms a crucial link between customers and the executive team. Our core team have in-depth understanding of engineering principles and development processes and have excellent communication skills apt to work directly with customers to understand their specific technical requirements and ensure meeting them.
Our core team is involved in setting the product implementation guidelines, product customization we also adopt the latest trends in tools and technologies. We do take the responsibilities for developing and implementing templates, frameworks, standards, reusable components to enable efficient implementation and faster turnaround for time critical projects.
In order to achieve quality in product deliveries we provide Product Testing Services across the entire product life-cycle. Our services offer on-demand, scalable and cost effective product testing services to reduce cycle time while maintaining the highest product quality. Our rich testing experience, processes, tools and automation frameworks deliver unparalleled service.

Our processes and teams have been built on a foundation that begins with the idea of a proactive approach to software support and maintenance. Our methodologies and systems focus on consistent stability, long-term functionality, and rigorous preventive maintenance to avoid problems that typically arise from less than complete or short-term solutions. Our core team rapidly diagnoses and resolves technical problems, as well as proactively plan for future support, with the goal of reducing your long-term maintenance costs. We support our customers with effective tools, technologies and processes enabling them to focus on newer initiatives and ensure an ongoing happy customer base.

We regularly advance our product features and quality within minimal time-frame. With our extensive product engineering solutions, we work closely with customers to understand their product nuances and market dynamics and provide recommendations for product enhancement. We provide Product gap analysis and conceptualization, Product roadmap and architecture, Product transition, Environment upgrades, Web, SaaS and Mobile enablement.
Our product development solutions ensure smooth and optimized migration of the products from legacy technology to new technology platforms. We follow best-in-class technology practice for both legacy application migration and data migration. Our legacy transformation services includes Product transition planning, Design and re-architecture, Re-engineering services, Develop migration strategies, Application, Data and Database Migration.
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