Our team produces customized DevSecOps platforms, integrating security into areas such as build automation, test automation, deployment automation, monitoring, environment management and others.

Our DevSecOps Capabilities

With proper measure of an organization’s IT, we implement the DevSecOps theories. Our assessment tools can help you identify gaps in processes or technologies and provide reports on other areas vital to your DevSecOps journey. Get a full business picture on culture, automation, measure, and sharing.
DevSecOps approach automates tests, reducing potential security risks. It also provides benefits in terms of consistency and predictability.
We understand where your gaps are in terms of processes, technologies and working locations and accordingly we join together to fulfill your goals.

Automation is at the Heart of the DevSecOps Approach. Organizations that want to deliver value early and often should adopt tools and practices that unite application development, IT operations, QA testing, and security teams under a common DevSecOps rubric. We’ve put together a list of some of the top DevSecOps tools that organizations can integrate into their DevOps pipeline, to ensure that security is handled continuously throughout the development lifecycle.

We can help you implement DevSecOps for better collaboration, faster time to market, enhanced customer satisfaction, and improved productivity without leaving you open to threats and vulnerabilities.
Our infrastructure automation solution is based on the ‘Infrastructure as a Code’ and ‘Configuration as a Code’ approaches and ensures your infrastructure is up and running fast.
Static Application Security Testing (SAST) and Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools provide a complementary security approach with static tests, before or during compiling the code as well as dynamic tests after the code is compiled.
Our proven methodology and accelerators help organizations setup SRE operations quickly. Our DevOps and SRE practice accelerators ensure your live services are up and running round the clock.
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