Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing


Our cloud solutions enable organizations to reduce IT resource requirements and improve productivity, in addition to lowering costs and reducing the time-to-market.

Our Cloud Computing Capabilities

We offer our consultancy in cloud readiness assessment, architecture audit, creating road-maps and strategy, we also extend our recommendations for multi-cloud strategy and fitment analysis.

For Cloud migration and modernization our team starts with the SWOT analysis following with the readiness assessment, post which cloud-to-cloud movement and migration of workloads are executed. In the last phase we do validation and performance testing.

In this service our team is capable by assisting with the application protection, remote management of all backups and also  customized disaster recovery plans.

We also provide the cloud-based application monitoring, along with creation of personalized parameters and checks and setting up personalized alerts

Our Cloud team can end to end take care of cloud data center design, development, and implementation, including deployment of cloud infrastructure and application as well as operations management.

Our Cloud App development team will design, launch and maintain applications that will run on a Cloud environment. They will also take care of all benefits of Cloud computing such as agility, flexibility, data security, and data integrity.

Our Cloud integration services will enable your organization to integrate various systems, tools, applications, processes, and platforms with Cloud, so that your business can witness the impact of real-time data exchange, data security, cross-platform accessibility, and more benefits.

If your looking to improvise your cloud security process, you are at right place as our Cloud Security consultants will evaluate your existing Cloud platform, discover the loopholes and suggest the best, most formidable Cloud security that will cover all the loopholes and vulnerabilities.

We provide with the process automation, CI/CD, continuous monitoring, and continuous testing. We also serve for code development pipeline as well as infrastructure.

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